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The Jaded Hearts Club by

Olivia Linden

Jaded Hearts (JHC1)


Jade decides to put love on hold, and start over in a new city after a lackluster engagement. Nobody puts Love in the corner and she soon finds not one but two sexy lovers who won’t take no for an answer. She learns that if you can’t make your own choices, life will make them for you.

Only Her Heart (JHC2)

After being in the crossfire of too many secrets, Jade doesn’t know who to trust. As she continues to uncover the truth about the past, she realizes who really has her back. And her heart. 


Stealing Her Heart (JHC3)


John Benson is down on love. After a couple of drama full relationships, he begins to doubt if there is a just one woman that will make him happy. Well there is one woman who he can't seem to stop thinking about, and that drives him to see if she could be the one for him. Too bad she's also doubtful of relationships. Can he convince her that she's the love of his life. or will he have to steal her heart?


An Intimate Deception (JHC4)

Detective Ryan Walsh has settled into a safe predictable life, when a blast from the past threatens to rock his world. Ali Hanson is a sexy siren known for her party girl persona and spending her daddy’s cash.  She is also his cousin’s ex. Ali holds the key to Ryan’s greatest pleasure and darkest secrets from his past. Saving her life may just destroy his own.

Illusionista (JHC5)

Angel and Vanessa want to become the next big thing in the music industry. Angel prides herself on being a chameleon, and with Vanessa’s feisty spirit she is certain they will go far. Using a hook up through Vanessa’s family, they have the opportunity they’ve always dreamed of. But one of them may have to pay the price of fame.

© 2013 by Olivia Linden

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